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Instagram: @epok.wrldwide


By: Tyanne Hampton 04/18/2020 3:47 PM

@the.epokb0y (Jarrett Dines) @epokaus (Austin Johnson)

“..the definition of epok is “the beginning of a distinctive period in history.” Our mission is to inspire and lead the next generation of creatives through our epok.”


Each One. Teach one. If you’re familiar with the African proverb, I think it is our duty to inspire and lead the next generation of creatives. About 2 years ago Jarrett Dines and Austin Johnson created Epok.Wrldwide an unisex street wear clothing brand. Their brand could be seen from Virginia to NY. Dines being from Queens, NY and Johnson from Chesapeake, VA. Together the duo has created unique pieces such as tracksuits and hoodie collections. Their designs has been displayed in fashion shows and trendy pop-up shops.

CEO’s of Epok // Austin Johnson ( left) , Jarrett Dines (Right)

The brand Epok can be described as progressive and trendsetting. I love how they incorporate their classic Epok logo to fit into up-to-date concepts for each collection. One of my favorite designs I have seen on their page was their recent breast cancer awareness collection. I can admire when a brand is able to spread love and awareness through their art. Of course a percentage of their proceeds were dedicated to the American cancer society! Through fashion you are able to set the tone for creatives to come. Styling and teaching one hoodie at a time. Check out their Instagram here:

Behind The Brand$

Instagram @straightoutof.themotherland


By: Tyanne Hampton 04/13/2020 10:49 AM


“I started a movement right after I got fired from my second day of Starbucks and the following week I began selling shirts out the trunk and sold over 40 shirts in less than 48 hours then I found my passion”

-CEO of Straightoutofthemotherland

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Moe from the 718 took an idea and ran with it. Straight out of the Motherland now a movement and brand sells authentic sweatsuits featuring the classic outline of Africa. With over 5k followers – You could see his brand being worn from Africa to NY. The word “Motherland” means “ones native country”. The brand is a representation of how each person’s background could be traced back to Africa.

Instagram @Moedot718

As of yesterday the brand has recently dropped their “Motherland Essential Sweatsuits” which includes a new burnt orange colorway and brand font. The sweatsuits are so clean with a modern slim fit which looks great on any and everyone! Just like this drop and every other drop, Moe constantly gives a fresh color and concept to the brand. I think the brand is a great representation of what comes straight out of the motherland. A strong community full of creative, unique individuals with colorful auras. Check out their Instagram here :

Behind The Brand$

Instagram : @acknowledgethefit


By: Tyanne Hampton 04/08/2020

@No_feelings (Deavion Brown)

I would introduce my brand as an outlet to showcase the freedom of creativity, welcome to my mind.”

Instagram : @No_feelings

What once started out as just a fashion inspiration Instagram page has now turned into an “up-to-the-minute” street wear brand righteously named “ACKNOWLEDGETHEFIT”. Fashion enthusiast Deavion Brown created the brand when she noticed her following on the page and her love for fashion growing. The brand could be seen on many fashion influencers like Deavion as their ascendancy is seen in the city’s fashion community.

Instagram : @Acknowledgethefit

“ACKNOWLEDGETHEFIT” seems so fit for the design and aura of the clothing brand. For every drop the brand, produces the most unique but contemporary graphics. Along with the graphics, Brown creates perfect conversation pieces to pair – my favorite is their “set fear on fire” hoodie. I admire the time and effort put into each design . She combines the perfect color palettes and fonts to create exclusive illimitable creations. Be on the lookout for their revamp ! You can check out their Instagram here :

Behind The Brand$

Instagram: @Nodisturbance


By: Tyanne Hampton 04/06/2020 9:37AM

@Ottihh (Daniel Ottihh)

“We aimed to create a product that represents and admires that city hustle. In a city filled with distractions, A hustler must know when to cut out all that noise, Throw their gear on and go in No Disturbance mode”

-CEO of NoDisturbance
Instagram @Ottihh

I finally get what Drake was talking about in his song “Do Not Disturb” … “Get no sick days – I leave for like three months and six days”. This New York City based street brand “No Disturbance” is living proof. Started in February 2019, “No Disturbance” was inspired by the ideology “Elevation requires separation”. No Disturbance has rapidly become more than a brand but a lifestyle. Their Instagram page with over 4,000 followers displays exclusive sweatsuits, hats, and shirts with their distinctive moon symbol. While scrolling on Instagram I always see their riveting photo shoots advertising the brand.

Comedian “@Shiggy Show’ seen sporting a “No Disturbance” hat (Image from @Nodisturbance)

Many other celebrities like Shiggy could be seen on No Disturbance Instagram page wearing the brand’s apparel like professsional boxer Gervonta Davis and New York Knicks player Bobby “BP” Portis. Their minimal but stylish designs makes a perfect “grind time” fit and truly captures the essence of going into “No disturbance” mode. All of their gear is unisex making fit for every hustler- hairstylist, athlete, fashion designer or rapper. No Disturbance is a timeless street wear brand. They recently just dropped a sweatsuit collection March 2020. If you’re online shopping during quarantine check out their Instagram here :

Behind The Brand$

By Tyanne Hampton 04/03/2020 8:08AM

@tiannafuckingosbourne (Tianna Osbourne)

I started my brand about a year and a half ago, for my 15th birthday I wanted a really different outfit so I made my first pair of jeans and from then on I continued. At first it was just for fun but I realized how many people loved my clothing items and how much support I was getting. 

-CEO of ByTiannaOsbourne
Instagram @Tiannafuckingosbourne

We love an independent girl who takes serious matters into her own hands! If you can’t find the perfect birthday outfit … make it ! Straight out of Uptown Bronx, CEO of Tiannaosbourne creates masterpieces out of denim and other everyday fabrics like tapestry and lettered beads! She describes her clothing line as “wearable art” and I totally agree! The usage of different mediums is honestly what makes her unique. Her brands were one of the first I seen to use printed images on denim. The bright ink being “mixed ” with a variety of different washes patchworked throughout her creations. Her clothing line Instagram @ByTiannaOsbourne has over 3000 followers all being constantly wowed with each custom piece she creates!

Instagram @Bytiannaosbourne

Before writing this piece for my blog my twin sister came to me and told me I should write one for “Tianna Osbourne” ! I already knew the work and the name !! I’ve seen my friends and people on my Instagram with the best denim creations. I have honestly been on her page all night and I can’t wait to order my own Tianna Osbourne custom! I am looking for forward to seeing her brand expand and take over Instagram! You can check her brand out here :

Behind The Brand$

Christ Favorite

By: Tyanne Hampton 04/02/2020 12:56am

@Whothatboi_ ( Chauncey Ford)

“Fashion has always been apart of my life. I be having a lot of thoughts running through my mind and wanted to find a way to express myself. I knew rapping wasn’t for me so I started a clothing brand and use that as a way to express myself.”


Christ Favorite is depicted as a “HOLY STREETWEAR CLOTHING” brand which was curated by a fellow NYC Native Chauncey Ford. Their CEO specifically being from Uptown Harlem , who is locally known for their savoir-faire in fashion.


Quickly gaining followers, you could see many people sporting their custom “1 of 1” handmade logo stitched hats coming in an array of colors. I love seeing how unisex the clothing brand truly is. Another CF piece that I find so dope is their camo long sleeve. The detailing of the red crosses throughout the camo-patterned sleeves ties in effortlessly with the major theme of being “HOLY STREETWEAR CLOTHING”. Check out their Instagram here :

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